Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Plans...

I know a lot of people overload their blogs with "Year in Review" posts, but I think I've earned one this year, darnit! :) Don't worry, it's not a lot...mainly it's just for me to look back and realize exactly how much crocheting and sewing I got accomplished last year.

For my friend Jill's beautiful little girl Katie born in July: a bear hat and diaper cover set (2 hats, since I was just figuring our the gauge on the first one) [purchased on etsy - I can't find the original seller anymore], granny square baby blankt in pinks and purples, and a baby sock laundry bag [pattern here]

For my co-worker's little girl who came in June:  a diaper cover and flowered headband [used the same diaper cover pattern that came with the bear hat, and this headband pattern]

My grandmother has had a rough two years, being in the hospital almost as much as she is out of it. I wanted her to have something to snuggle besides those nasty hospital blankets, so I made her a granny square throw in pinks and browns. I loved this blanket and almost didn't want to give it up!

Then I tried my hand at bag-making and created a granny square purse - well, that one didn't go as well as I thought it would. When all was said and done, it looks more like a fancy changing pad with handles. So, I made a diaper clutch to go with it [lost the link for this one, as well], and figure I'll use it as some point with Aimee when I don't feel like lugging the huge bag around. I also made a blue and yellow striped hip bag for my friend Missy just big enough for her keys, wallet, and gloves to take to WVU football games, and a water bottle carrier so she has her hands free while running the Mon River Trail.

My mother-in-law received a woodland circle blanket [lion brand pattern] in shades of green to match her new bedroom for Christmas this year.

With so many babies being born in the next year, I needed to jump on the baby blanket machine! I made two knit variations of the wee warmth baby blanket [lion brand pattern], one in blue, yellow, and white, and one in green and yellow (neither of the recipients are finding out the sex until their due dates, which are in two and three weeks, respectively!). I was absolutely convinced I was having a boy for a while, so I also did a crochet variation of wee warmth in blue and white - and ended up giving it to someone who IS having a boy.

My mom got two more swiffer covers for Christmas the past year - the two I made last year only fit her older, smaller swiffer, so I made two more to fit her second one, which is newer and somewhat larger.

Now for Miss Aimee, she already has her own granny square throw in purples and greens, a rug for her room [a baby blanket (same colors) that I got tired of and Logan claimed - pattern here], a pair of mary jane booties in black, a pair of ballet slippers in pink, and a elf hat, diaper cover, and ballet slipper set in purple and lavender [link to the hat pattern is saved on my phone, which is dead. Happy to send it to anyone that wants it once the phone charges! also, the bootie and slipper patterns are all from a book]

I think that's everything I actually finished - 25 crochet/knit patterns in all. I frogged a LOT of projects that I started this year (pretty much everything on my "in progress" sidebar, and more), and have several that I've started, but never finished.

As for sewing, I finished one of these Chenille baby blankets, and just need to put binding on a second one, and a lap/burp cloth sized one. I made a bunch of these earbud pouches and small zippered pouches for my brothers, a small zippered pouch and a boxy bag for my mom, two microfiber swiffer dusters for my mom and one for Jason's car, a notebook cover for my older brother (with two more that need to be finished), and a hooded towel for my friend's daughter.

Here's hoping that 2012 brings more actual FINISHED projects, and not a lot of WIP that I have to explain away...


  1. I want pictures/patterns for anything that mentioned the word ballet in it. Lol

    I did my first successful crocheting yesterday, now I'm very determined to make Katie a crocheted everything.

  2. Also, Mary Jane booties sound adorable!

  3. When my printer is functional again (J moved all the big computer stuff from Aimee's room to the basement and hasn't figured out the logistics of plugging everything in yet), I shall copy the patterns for you - the MJ pattern is actually the exact same as the ballet slippers, only with a strap. :) You should really join Ravelry though, if you haven't. There are sooooo many different patterns on there - you just have to make sure you're searching the free ones if you don't want to fall in love with a pattern then discover you have to pay for it. I found that out the hard way. :/