Monday, January 9, 2012

Nesting, or just decluttering?

So I'm finding that already this year I have started knuckling down and organizing the house. I can't decide if it's me starting to nest, or if it's because I am tired of hearing J complain about how disorganized our house is. (He's right.) Last week I did the medicine/candy/mixing bowl cabinet, made sense of all the random plastic storage containers in the back of the pantry, and two kitchen drawers, plus a good chunk out of the front room closet. So far today I've done the drawers in the side tables in the living room, the nightstand drawers, and my lotion/deodorant basket on the dresser (though that will be revisited when I do the bathroom). Plus, I've been doing a lot better at keeping up with the kitchen nonsense...and laundry is actually moving towards the place it belongs instead of sitting in the dryer!

Not only that, but I have made at least one meal every day except Saturday since the New Year! Granted, Friday J was told to just eat leftovers and I stopped for Subway (overslept and had errands to run before work, so no time), but I made the leftovers he was supposed to eat! AND he has had a lunch every.single.workday since the New Year. That's been something I've struggled with, because he always wants the same thing: peanut butter and jelly, yogurt or cottage double, and some kind of salty snack and a sweet. B.O.R.I.N.G!!! Now, I'm kind of liking it, because I can make a couple PB&J's at a time, throw them in the freezer...and then just throw that and the rest of the cold stuff in his bag before I leave for work or go to bed. I had tried making multiple sandwiches in advance before, and it didn't work out so well bc I left them in the fridge instead of freezing them, and they'd get all goopy...but it seems he can't really tell the frozen and fresh ones apart. Score! :-D

Anyway, gotta wrap this up because its 12:45 and we're out of peanut butter and yogurt, so I gotta run out quick so I can make some sammies, finish my dinner, and shower...and still get to work on time lol

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