Monday, October 1, 2012

Well that's better

Had a bit of a phone tragedy in august, and ended up getting a new one last month...and only this week realised there was a blogger app!!

So quick recap...
4 month old Aimee:
- rolls from back to belly and gets mad that she can't move forward (refuses to roll from belly)
- tried rice cereal and didn't care for it.
- hit a growth spurt and went for two weeks with multiple night wakeup. Otherwise is sleeping 830- 5, eating, then sleeping til 8 or 9.
- laughs all the time at her puppy and daddy
- 13.9lb, 24.5", size 2 diapers, and mainly 3month and some 3-6month clothes. Still some 3 month sleepers, more 6 month now.

5 month Aimee:
- rolls both ways freely, is "inchworm crawling" (hike her bottom, the slides on her face)
- discovered she can move backwards in her walker
- sits in her high chair like a big girl, loves watching mommy in the kitchen from her high chair.
- still doesn't like cereal or yogurt, but likes green beans
- purposely grabs items, and has learned to use teething rings
- still nursing every 2 hours in the afternoon, but can go as long as 4 hours in between in the morning
- started using cloth diapers occasionally...wears a medium gdiaper
- somewhere around 15lb, still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. Mainly 6 month sleepers. Medium gdipes.
- stole mom's pickle to teethe on while visiting ggmom Mikucki and liked the taste

In other news, Logan's allergy shots and new diet seem to be helping. He just got groomed the other day and his groins look almost normal, and his armpits are only discolored, not black. His coat did thin out more, but I definitely see a difference in him. Now if only I could get Jason to.give them every now and then! At least he helps me when it's time.

Lots of new stuff at the house, too. Jason installed wainscotting and a chair rail in the foyer 4th of July weekend, and a new sink and garbage disposal labor day weekend. This weekend was our seasonal ant/spider removal. I'm sloooooowly getting the craft closet in the front room organised. I already have two garbage bags full of yarn and fabric to give to a friend (after I already gave her a big shopping bag in the spring - guess I realised I won't use it!) I have the fabric down to one big bin and the yarn down to a big bin and a couple WIPs in smaller bins. So much better than it was. I just need to get over my hoarder instincts...good practice for when I do the basement after Christmas!!

Jason is really branching out with his photography, too. He's now the official go to guy for catalog pics at work, and for corporate events. Also we're going to rickets glen next weekend to take pictures of the foliage. Um pretty excited, especially since we bought a backpack carrier for Aims today. :)


  1. Can't wait for the fabric/yarn bags!

    What carrier did you get Aimee? I really want to get an Ergo or Boba.

  2. The chicco backpack style. I didn't like how you pretty much need two people for the Ergo, and didn't have the money for a becco butterfly (which I LOVE). Aimee seems to like it, though the test will be tomorrow when she's in it for longer than ten minutes lol