Thursday, January 5, 2012

feeling extremely lazy...

There are so many things I should be doing right now...
  • dishwasher needs to be unloaded/reloaded
  • J's lunch for tomorrow needs to be packed
  • I need a shower
  • I need to eat
  • there's laundry piled up in three corners and in the washer
  • the comforter I took to the laundromat yesterday is still sitting in my car and needs to come in
  • Logan needs a bath
  • there's dog puke under the bed since 6:30 this morning (yes, I heard him puking and didn't clean it up right away. So sue me. I've done it right away the last 4 times he's woken me up in the middle of the night rutzing. He's not a baby, and he's not laying in it).
  • and somewhere in there I need to wash a scrub jacket for tonight

There's also the matter of everything I *say* I should do...such as:
  • finish cleaning out the closet in the front room
  • clear off the kitchen table so we can actually eat there
  • clean out both freezers and take stock of what I do and don't have
  • organize the master bathroom cabinets/closet
  • get my steamvac back from my mom and do the carpet in Aimee's room (and under my bed)
  • bring the rockers up to Aimee's room from the basement and figure out if I need to paint them or not (at least one of them, if not both, needs paint)
  • go through all the baby stuff my mom's friend gave me last week
  • clean both bassinets and the bedding on both
  • make cushions for the "good" rocker
  • repair the "old" rocker (for the third time) and recover the cushions
  • finish sewing binding on the chenille blanket I started over Christmas so I can wash the pile of finished crochet and sewing projects sitting in the front room (I refuse to wash newly finished projects with the regular wash in case something goes horribly wrong in the laundry lol)
  • help J clear out the closet in Aimee's room so I can move the cubie unit from my closet to hers (and get fabric bins for it)
  • make a spot in my closet for J's camera equipment, since he's losing all his storage space to the baby
And that's just what I'm pulling off the top of my head. There's tons of other things I could be doing as well, I'm sure. And yet, I have been laying in bed dozing and playing on my phone. all. morning. And have no inspiration to get up anytime soon.

Oh well, at least I remembered to turn the crockpot on when I took Logan out early this morning so dinner will be ready when I DO get up. Which should be soon, since the lack of clean scrub jackets is somewhat disturbing, and it takes forever to run a load through both washer and dryer.

I have to go for my 1-hour glucose next week. Not looking forward to that at all, especially since I'm seeing a LOT of people on my mommy boards have been failing it lately. *sigh* at least I have my Kindle to keep me company...Then the following week is my last 4-week appointment (even though they're less than 3 weeks apart). It's gonna be weird when I start doing the every 2 weeks, since all of my appointments except the last two were about 6 weeks apart instead of 4. So I'm *really* going to feel like I'm there all the time. The nice thing is I just put in my last schedule for work until the baby comes, so it'll be easy to schedule my appointments.

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