Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This weather has me so blah feeling...I hate when its nice for a day or two, then right back to cold. I haven't done anything today and it's already after 12 (?!?!), mainly because it is just too darn cold to get out from under the covers!! Ah well..

So pregnancy so far in a nutshell:
My boobs hurt.
Sleeping less than I was at first, with occasional lapses (waking up between 7-8 again, though I usually fall back asleep until the room warms up more around 10) Yesterday was really weird, though. Got up around 10 (after 11 hours of sleep, mind you), did stuff around the house and went to my appointment...fell asleep on the couch around up around 10 to pee, crawled in my bed around 10:30, and slept until just after 9 this morning. Seriously...I am so tired of sleeping all the time...
Belly's finally started to pop a little. Everyone keeps saying how little it is, but it feels huge. I can see it under my baggier t-shirts now, which is kinda weird. And the only jeans I own that still fit comfortably are these stretchy old-lady-ish ones I got at walmart a while back.
I am terrible at remembering to do belly shots. Maybe I'll get J to do some this weekend if we get bored.

Heart rate was 160 at my first appointment...and 154 at this one.

Oh, and I did the intelligender this morning just for kicks...came up pretty positive for boy. We'll see...I know at least one person that definitely had the opposite of what intelligender said...

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  1. Haha, yeah I wouldn't use the intelligender again. They said they're more accurate when the result says girl: boy results are a toss up (obviously!) if you believe in the heart rate old wives tale, that would be girl (anything 140 and up) though Katie was always 120-140, so go figure.

    Be patient for your bump! It took me until I was 23 weeks and didn't even care anymore for me to finally pop. I had great ab muscles holding it all in, i was completely flat until then and all I did was complain...I wish I could find those abs again now! Lol