Wednesday, August 31, 2011's been a while...

Life kinda gets in the way of things, doesn't it? Don't worry, I'm not dead...I just have been so exhausted and limited on energy/inspiration these days. Why's that? Well...we had a little surprise hit us the end of last month...

Yup, Baby K will be joining us end of March/beginning of April next year. Quite the surprise, as we had just started talking about TTC after the new year (and I was on the Pill). Guess The Bean (or Whozits, as my mother calls it) knew we were ready for him/her.

So far I've been pretty lucky. At first, I could sleep 12 hours, take a 3 hour nap, and go to bed at my normal time and still sleep 12 hours. I'm slowly getting over that point, though I still have days where I can definitely nap, and J definitely knows better than to try to get me moving before I'm ready on the weekends. I've also been blessed in that I haven't really been sick. The first two weeks after I found out were pretty interesting, as it seemed I had to eat every hour or I would feel nauseous. Now I can go a couple hours in between snacks and meals, which is great since they generally frown upon eating snacks at the nurses station... The biggest complaint I've had so far has actually been belching - every time I eat, my stomach feels so swollen and I belch for hours. Not cute ones, either - the nasty rips that bring back the flavor of whatever I ate last! (TMI, I know - but it's true!)

Sorry, I know I'm jumping around a lot, but my mind is so scattered lately...I need to grab a shower soon - J is coming home from work early, and the doctor's office is supposed to call in about an hour to start the health questionnaire before my appointment in two weeks. So, I leave you with the first official belly pic of the pregnancy.

8 weeks, 5 days. Already uncomfortable in my jeans, and busting out of bras bought three weeks ago.

Belly already?! (I can assure you this is not bloat. ;-] )