Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a quickie...

This is going to be a semi-quick one, since I'm expecting J home in about 45 minutes and I need to finish supper...

The deck is finished!! J and his dad finished it over Memorial weekend, and we had it decorated by the end of the following week. It just needs to be stained yet, but that will have to wait a couple more weeks until the wood finishes drying out. It's suck a nice feeling to be able to hang out on my deck at the end of a bad day at work...only problem is, as much as I love the LOOK of my table and chairs, but backside goes numb about 20 minutes after I sit down. :-/ I also was hoping to have room for a bench or "sofa", but the grill J is looking at is so huge there is no way I'll have room for that. Oh well. At least it's pretty.

The front room is also almost finished. We had a long talk with my mother-in-law last weekend about what I wanted to do in that room as opposed to what J wanted to do. The biggest problem has been that my tastes are so varied that if we put everything I like in there, it would completely clash with both itself and the rest of the house. So we finally came to a decision with what we wanted to do, the look we were trying to go for. We hit Big Lots the next day, and found the perfect sofa at a steal (about $1000 new, and we paid $300). We also found another Broyhill table exactly the same as one that we have in the living room for $40, which I just HAD to have (we paid $150 for the first one last summer). I love me some Big Lots... :-) Now I just need some new bookshelves, a big comfy chair, and some paint. I also have a large granite-topped table from my MIL that I'm debating if I can put in that room.

Well, I better scoot. I still have to boil corn and make potatoes to go with dinner (first ever attempt at spare-ribs, done in the beloved crock pot), plus I've been cleaning all day and need a shower before the boss gets home. (Why yes, I am totally still in my nightgown - why do you ask? :-P)

Side note, Logan came through surgery like a champ! He is still his crazy little self, and destroyed a pair of Daddy's flip flops the other day, but as long as there's nothing out that he can chew, we are able to leave him out when I'm at work. Yay!! Also, no more pillow-humping! :-D

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