Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playing catch up...

I am sooo bad at this blogging thing. I think part of my issue with keeping up with this has been that up until lately on my days off all I did was run from one thing to the next. I would sleep late, spend a few hours shopping (spending money I shouldn't on things we don't *need*), and get home just in time to start supper before J gets home. Then J lays claim to the computer for the evening...and you see where this is going. So went my days off for quite some time. And then...

Yep, I'm the country girl. Grand total of the damages to the Jeep: $2400.

All I wanted was $20 worth of gas to hold me over until payday....and we ended up with $6,000 worth of repairs (both vehicles combined). Thank god J has a friend whose father owns a collision shop only a few miles from here...and that he's in network (or whatever they call it with auto insurance) with our insurance provider!! J was able to get our $1,000 deductible cut in half for the claim (and in half again for any future mishaps), and I was able to pick up overtime to help cover it. We even ended up paying only about half of the deductible because the insurance paid him for a tire we didn't need. So all in all we ended up only paying about $40 more than our current deductible!!

That was enough of a money scare to get me to start spending more time at home on my days off though!! So hopefully I will have more time to keep this updated...

All right, enough about all that, here's the skinny on what's been going on lately:

1) I made whoopie pies for the first time.  They ended up very...interesting to say the least. Not at all soft, and kind of chewy. Thinking about using a pastry bag and piping the cookie part instead of scooping it as they ended up very rounded and not very whoopie pie-ish...

the first complete whoopie pies...

you can see how well these are going to sit when they're stacked...not.

Apparently they tasted just fine, since the ones I took up to Mom's disappeared within a day or two...and most of the ones I kept here disappeared within a week or two.

2) I decided a white bathroom was just too cold feeling and painted it warmer. (lol) It's bad enough that the bathroom at my parents' house could fit in my current bathroom twice - the white walls, white ceiling, and no decoration made it seem sooo much bigger and colder! So now we have this beautiful maroon color in the bathroom:

first coat. and yes, I did paint AROUND the shower bar and curtain. It was a pain to put up with two of us; I was NOT taking is down alone!

second coat - and no paint on the curtain!

finished. J picked the mirrors on one of our "dates" at Lowes
 I forgot to take a picture of the print J hung on the wall at my side of the sink after this photo was taken. It's a pretty flower in this neat Oriental-looking frame that we picked up at Big Lots (love that store!). It fits nicely above the towel bar just beyond the left edge of the picture above.

3) Logan has developed a jealousy of my many yarn projects. Before, it was just that he was curious what I was doing. Now, if he wants my attention and I'm crocheting (or knitting, though I so rarely do anymore), he was climb in my lap, sit on whatever I'm working on, and paw at my neck while licking me incessantly until I make him get down. I have tried petting him for a little and then going back to my work, but that only irritates him enough that he will tap dance on my bladder and neck until I have to push him down for hurting me!

The face of innocence...the pillow on the left could be the one he ate...
 He has also started chewing again...flip flops and couch pillows beware!! I seriously cannot leave any shoes other than boots out, nor can I leave any throw pillows on the couch when we leave him out while we're gone. I've lost several pairs of flip flops, and several sneakers and sandals have been damaged lately. I also may have lost one of the throw pillows that came with our sofa...I haven't had the heart to assess the damage to see if it can be reversed.

But he is sooooo cuddly in the mornings! Every morning he greets J with a happy wiggly bottom and a toy in his mouth...and if I am off, as soon as J is dressed he jumps up in bed with me, where he happily snuggles until nature calls and he gets me up for the day.

Next week he goes back to the vet to be neutered and micro-chipped. I'm hoping that will help with the slight tendency towards possessiveness he has been showing with me (and the chewing!), but we'll see...

 4) J and I celebrated our first anniversary a little over two weeks ago!! I can't believe a year has gone by already...and this time last year we were settled in at his dad's house waiting for this house to be built...what a difference a year makes! The day before we went to the long-awaited wedding of one of my friends from work (congrats again, Mel!!), then skipped the reception for our own dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Sunday (our actual anniversary) we left early and spent the morning at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. :) I love the aquarium...unfortunately I don't have any pictures since we forgot the camera and my phone was dead, but I DO have a picture of the top layer of our cake that Mom kept in her freezer for us!

 5) I had told J a while ago that I felt uncomfortable knowing that there was no way to prevent someone from coming in the house through the basement window. (I know it's unlikely in our neighborhood, but still.) So one day while I was at work, he bought and installed a locking doorknob on the basement door! Such a wonderful husband...

He also installed new hardware in both bathrooms for me...

the towel ring in the hall the picture at Shady Maple for my birthday
 6) Started the deck!!!! Lots of rain recently, so it's going sloooooowly...but it's going! J and his dad are hoping to pour more concrete in the footers tonight, but by the sound of the rain outside, I highly doubt it.

7) Work in progress updates:

This got frogged...

...and got turned into this.
Clockwise from top: finished and gifted, finished and kept, frogged and yarn in the idea pile, finished and gifted

Clockwise from top left: frogged and yarn in idea stash, frogged and redone/kept, frogged and restarted as granny squares, frogged and yarn in idea stash
Christmas present in progress...using homespun yarn in five or six dye lots

another Christmas present in progress...this was a twice-frogged project...using Red Heart in white and three blues

granny square lapghan in progress for Grandmom

some kind of kerchief thingy J asked me to make for his lightbox...going VERY slowly...(I hate how slow knitting goes!)

Bear caps, diaper cover, granny square baby blanket."Baby shower in a bag" gifts for Jill at My Journey to Mommyhood

The granny squares from the first WIP photo. Birthday/Christmas gift for Missy K at Missy's Thoughts & Blurbs
9) I finally decided what I'm doing with the front bedroom...updates and pictures to come...

10) I have TOTALLY not done anything I said I would from my last post...except trying to keep up with my sleep!! And you know what? I am feeling GREAT! Only thing I'm really doing different is giving up doing overtime, and started resting during the day when I'm home. And that helps.

I think that's about it for now...hopefully I'll have some pictures of an actual deck frame next time...and some finished projects! (and that it won't be 4 months before the next update!)

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