Saturday, February 4, 2012

Itchy, skanky, and gumpy. chest itches. Not in a TMI kind of way. I mean, the skin on my chest is itching and crawling. Darn medical tape. I'm currently in hour 22 of a 24-hour holter monitor, and since I'm allergic to silk tape, I am in misery. What's worse, I have to leave for work in an hour, and I'm not allowed to bathe or shower while I have the damn thing on! So I get to go to work feeling skanky (only allowed sponge baths), with yucky hair (washing it in the sink just does NOT get it clean enough), and aching from sleeping like crap last night (only thing that gets me moving in the morning is a bath/shower to loosen up my muscles). But enough complaining for now.

Why a holter? Well, it seems that between an old murmur that never bothered me, higher blood volume from pregnancy, and high stress at work lately, I've developed palpitations. Normally, that wouldn't be of concern, since I'm having a "normal" pregnancy, but since I've been getting dizzy, lightheaded, and flushed with them, the midwife decided I should have it checked out. So, I sit here with a monitor strapped to my chest. I'll be following up with the cardiologist again on Friday, and hopefully it catches something so he doesn't make me do the 10-day monitor. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be excited to go to work just to get rid of a monitor!!

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